Do You Want Increased Cash Flow and Hassle-Free Reimbursements?

Then take control of your insurance billing process today with Automated Data Systems Inc.

 Since using ADSI our clients’ cash flow and reimbursements have never been better plus their operating and capital costs have been significantly reduced.  Additionally, their in-house claims related issues have been eliminated.
  • Reimbursement Fees as Low as 5.0%
  • Optional EHR or Practice Management Software Solutions, both PC-Based or Cloud-Based
  • Practice Management Program Integrates Seamlessly with Most EHR Programs
  • Increased Revenue & Cash Flow
  • No Activation Fee, No Binding Contract
  • Reimbursement Fees on Paid Claims Only
  • Reimbursements in 5 to 14 Days
  • No Fees for Co-Pays, Deductibles, Cash Visits
  • We Provide you with the Complete Patient and Billing Database
  • 99% First Time Claims Acceptance Rate
  • Certified Reimbursement Specialists Provide Unparalleled Customer Service and Support.
  • Absolutely Risk-Free.  No Up-Front Cost.
  • 100% Accurate Procedure and Diagnosis Codes All Year.  ICD-10 Ready.

ADSI minimizes our billing-related headaches and maximizes our revenues and cash flow. They've done a great job since day one and our clinic has seen a sustained increase in revenues and our insurance billing is as simple as we've ever imagined, even through staff and provider turnover. We're extremely glad that we have the experts at ADSI helping our team!Bakerview Wellness Center

ADSI takes care of every aspect of my insurance billing, patient information and reporting, and the Satellite software is a great tool. My practice has never run smoother.Dr. Jerry Parker

Contracting out insurance billing to a proven specialist is a smart business decision for any practice and thanks to ADSI, we not only have a completely simplified billing process, but our revenues and cash flow have increased and our expenditures have decreased significantly.Dr. James Hallis